LR Planetary (13.7/19.2 Ratio)


7mm Hex / 8mm Rex Compatible Output Planetary Gearbox for rs550/555 motors

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The LR Planetary is a standalone 7mm Hex / 8mm REX Compatible output shaft planetary gearbox for RS550/555 Motors (FTC Legal base motors). This gearbox is perfect with teams with lots of legacy spur gearbox motors that would like to upgrade to planetary without having to buy completely new motors. This gearbox also provides teams with a robust 7mm Hex/8mm REX output shaft and the option to upgrade older FTC spur-style motors to planetary motors. Planetary gearboxes feature greater strength and durability compared to their spur gearbox counterparts as well as a standard, centered output shaft for easy face mounting or clamp mounting without having to worry about gears, belts, or chains becoming coming out of alignment or tension over time.

This gearbox works on all FTC Legal 550/555 Class Motors (Every motor excluding Core Hex and original V1 Tetrix motors)

A vise or arbor press large enough to fit a motor is needed to push on the new pinion gears if replacing old spur gears.

Motor not included*


  • Ratio: 19.2:1 or 13.7:1
  • OD: 36mm
  • Gearbox Length: 32.5mm
  • Output Shaft Length: 35mm
  • Gear Material: Powder Metallurgy Steel (Sintered)
  • Face Mount Pattern: 28mm 4 bolt circle M3
  • 17t 0.5/0.48 MOD Pinion Gear Included

Assembly Instructions: Coming Soon

CAD: LR Planetary

*Note: Specifications/CAD is may still be subject to change before release.

Gear Ratio

13.7:1, 19.2:1